30 Fira 2012-1

Here is Fira Melamedzon-Salanska recorded by a camera. At the beginning of November 2012, during gathering the materials for the project, we managed to film recalling Fira. She is in her flat, filled with memorabilia, and tells what happened eighty years ago in Poznan, and why she had never come back to Poland. You can look through one of her albums with her and listen why she doesn’t like farewells.

The selected fragments of this record are divided into theme parts.
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A fragment of Fira Melamedzon-Slanska’s memories, where she is telling about her mother’s aversion to the scout organization Haszomer Hacair in Poznan (because it was a left-wing organization and the Melamedzons had escaped from communistic Russia losing most of their fortune), about one of the Haszomer’s head and her boyfriend Felek Mornel, and about student balls, which were the reason for her having been expelled from Jewish Scouting in 1933.

Recorded by Ami Drozd, Jerusalem, November 2012.

The remaining part of recorded memories of Fira Melamedzon-Salanska will be available here as soon as the book has been published in Polish.