382 - 0687 Fira

Some people in the pictures placed in the book and on the website are unknown. We know nothing about Poli, Fira’s schoolmate from the Faculty School. We don’t know many Poznan Jews, Fira’s acquaintances or the people she met during her holidays, like the Jews from Lvov, whom Fira met at the camp in Zakopane.

Probably, the majority of them are dead today. However, their descendants may live and recognize their mothers, grandfathers or uncles. Maybe, some copies of the presented photos are in someone’s old albums. Maybe, some of the Jews captured in the pictures survived and his or her descendants live in America, Europe or Australia today. And maybe, you will recognize Fira in a picture from your grandma’s album. We are waiting for such materials and information. If you recognize anybody or know his or her name and story, please write to our address: We will be placing here any information we get from you.