Recognize – 1

0954 FiraTeachers and pupils of the girl’s Faculty School at Dzialynskich Street. The second one from the right in the second row is Fira Melamedzon. The others N.N. Poznan, 1931. Do you recognize anybody?





0085 FiraThe second one from the right is Fira Melamedzon, next one is Stasia Janczkowna, her close friend. They are walking along the 27 Grudnia Street by the Sugar Bank (today Okraglak building is located in its place). Poznan, November, 1933. The other girls are probably Polish friends of Fira. Who were they?





0064 FiraFira Melamedzon between two Polish shop-assistants working in the Melamedzons’ shop at the Old Market Square 64. Poznan, 1933. Who were they?





0084 FiraFira Melamedzon with her friend at the Freedom Square. Poznan, December, 1933. We don’t know whether the girl was Polish or Jewish.