51 – Farewells on the Przemysl Mountain



In May 1939 Fira says goodbye to Poznan and Poland, although she may not be fully aware of this. She plans only to visit her father and a far-away country of her earliest ancestors, where she will move soon but not now. She leaves for Palestine to get British citizenship by a fake marriage. She will come back to Poland in the autumn to close down the flat, the shop and the Melpoz company registered in her name. So, she doesn’t say goodbye and doesn’t inform many friends about her leaving. At the same time she has so many pictures taken with so many different people that we can say, this is her farewell.

The Przemysl Mountain, today called the Hill of Przemysl, is the place where Fira and her friends or relatives have most photos taken. Once, the royal castle used to be there. Then, the hill and  a fragment of fortifications remained. It is close to Wroniecka 12, Melamedzons’ flat, close to their business on the Old Market Square and close to the Hirschlik’s cafe. It is enough to go out and make a few steps to be in a quiet, picturesque place, perfect for taking memorable photos.

Some of these photographs were presented on previous pages, some others are in the book. We place here a few remaining photos. In one of them you can see Wala Styzynska, or Stysinska, a shop-assistant in the Melamedzons’ shop, who was highly respected by Fira’s father for her professionalism in customer service.