50 – A blossoming tree and a bunch of lilacs



Only these photographs keep this event in memory. Fira Melamedzon-Salanska didn’t remember it and everybody else seen in the photos is already dead. On Thursday, May 18, 1939 Jozio Frenkiel took Fira and a few friends for a trip near Chludowo, a small village to the north of Poznan. He went to Poznan by his car. He must have got out of the troubles with his father and step-mother as he had more time to admire Fira again.

We don’t know who gave the idea of this trip and why Adas Skowron, who is not mentioned before, came with them. Fira didn’t remember that trip at all, though it was probably her last expedition to Wielkopolska scenery.

They had their photos taken by a car and under a blossoming tree. Fira got a large bunch of blooming and smelly lilacs from the men.

We place here only four photographs of this set. Most of them have been published in the book due to their extraordinary beauty and atmosphere.