47 – Strolling on Easter Sunday



At Easter 1939, the Piks, their daughter Basia and her husband Jurek, whom Fira and Jozio Lustyk visited in Zdunska Wola in 1937, came to Poznan to see the Zajdlers. They also met with Fira and her family then. On Easter Sunday morning the Piks together with Fira and her mother went for a walk around Poznan. It was a sunny and warm day as Fira unbuttoned and took off her coat. They had some memorial photos taken in front of the Great Theatre and by the entrance to the Poviat Starosty building located on the corner of Solna and Walow Kosciuszki (today Niepodleglosci Avenue) Streets.

We complement the materials by fragments of the application of Miss Bejla (Basia) Zajdler, who enrolled to biology studies at the Poznan University in 1933. The documents have been found in the Archives of AMU (Adam Mickiewcz University).