41 – Genia in Poznan



Pola Melamedzon from Brzeziny, Fira’s cousin, had lived in Poznan for first six months of 1938. Her father moved to Palestine in January to prepare everything for his family, which was to follow him. It was his request that Pola helped her aunt with running a garment’s shop.

However, in January, Rachela Melamedzon went to a health resort, and Fira, taking advantage of her absence, invited Genia Dutkiewicz , Pola’s closest friend for more than a week. Genia was a Polish girl from Brzeziny. She wasn’t Fira’s friend and came to Poznan for Pola, who experienced anxiety concerning her affection towards a district vet in Brzeziny, a Polish man.

There are many photographs and few memories of that visit. Fira, by herself or with Pola or Wala Styzynska, showed Poznan to Genia, bringing her to various spots. They were by the closed Jewish Hospital, in the Wilson Park, at the Warta riverside, by the gas plant, on Chwaliszewo and on one of unguarded river beaches. Some of the pictures are placed in the book, the others are published here.