32 – Zygmunt Bluman, a candidate for a husband



Rachela Melamedzon, Fira’s mom, visited fashionable health resorts a few times a year. She went there to get some treatments, and primarily to rest and spend time in a company of nice acquaintances and patients, who she already had known from previous years, or quite new ones. Her most favourable places were Ciechocinek, Krynica and Zegiestow. In summer 1934 she was in Ciechocinek and she met Elen Kaspari, who became Fira’s friend. She also met there Zygmunt Bluman, a young entrepreneur from near Warsaw. He was, together with his mother and brother, the co-owner of the „Kaefka” National Cannery, the second large factory producing canned fish in Poland. Fira’s mom, as every provident mother in those times, searched a good husband for her daughter. She always had Fira’s photos with her to show them to acquaintances. She told Bluman about her daughter so effectively that he, intrigued  by a beautiful girl in the picture and invited by her mother, came to Poznan instead of coming back home.

This was the beginning of a story of Zygmunt’s unrequited love with Fira. The events related to it, and not described in the book, are published in part 38.