Non-existent tenement house on the Old Market Square (today the Arsenal Gallery is taking this place). Photos taken from the windows of Melamedzons’ shop. Poznan, 1938








The Pillory and north-eastern corner of the Old Square Market. Poznan, ca.1938





Poznan Town Hall Tower with flags, illuminated at night. Poznan, ca.1937





The Raczynskich Library on Freedom Square, ca.1938



A fountain with the sculpture of Andromeda and Perseus on Nowomiejski Square (now the Cyryla Ratajskiego Square o). Jerzyk Dymant from Brzeziny, Fira’s cousin is standing by it




The Great Theatre in the Castle District. Poznan, ca.1937





Monumental sculptures on the stairs of the Great Theatre. Poznan, ca.1938





The Tower of the Imperial Castle (then the seat of the President of Poland and Poznan University), photo taken from a park in front of the Great Theatre. Poznan, ca.1938






The view of the Great Theatre and a park in front of it, photo taken from the arcades of University Auditorium. Fira Melamedzon and Jozio Lustyk, a student of law, are standing by the column. Poznan, February 1937





The Imperial Castle and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Monument. Poznan, February 1937