27 – Jozio and Fira in Brzeziny



After the All-Fool’s-Day letter Fira consequently withdrew from the relationship with Jozio Lustyk, who kept fighting for her for a couple months. He visited her at home, wrote letters to her, sent her photos with dedications. At the end of July, when he came to Poznan and didn’t  find Fira in, as she went to Brzeziny, he followed her and visited her near Lodz. She was completely surprised.

Fira stayed at aunt Lili Lew, who knew Lustyk from Poznan. The aunt didn’t know what had happened between the young and she invited an unexpected guest to stay  at her place for a couple of days. In this way, Fira and Jozio spent a few days together. There are several photographs documented that time in Brzeziny, and also in Zdunska Wola and Kutno, where they we stopped on their way back to Poznan. In Zdunska Wola they visited  Basia, Fira’s friend from Poznan, who married Jurek Pik and moved to this town. They also stopped in Kutno to meet Adek Lewin. Looking at these photographs, it is hard to guess that there is something wrong between Fira and her boyfriend. Jozio wants to be close to Fira, to make up for his mistake, and she lets him do it, although she doesn’t think of him any longer. They look like a couple.

At the beginning of August 1937, a few days after coming back to Poznan, Fira visited Jozio and his family in Osielsk, which she tells about in the book. She wanted to break up their relationship. However, Jozio misunderstood her intention and ask his parents and family to meet at ceremonial dinner in honour of the future daughter- in- law. Under those circumstances Fira wasn’t able to say this was the end. She left with nothing. What about the break-up? There will be no rapid breaking up but eventually, after Jozio realizes he has lost Fira, he will give up studying in Poznan. He will not be seen in her albums’ photos any more.