22 – With Jozio Lustyk by a Jewish hospital



Jozio Lustyk was a boyfriend of Mira Lederowna, a daughter of a rather rich merchant, who lived above the Melamedzons’ shop at the Old Market Square 64. Yet he was falling in love with Fira and by the end of November 1936 he put all his eggs in one basket.

All of a sudden he came to Fira’s house and told her that he had left Mira as he was in love with her. They became a couple, but not for long as after several moths Lustyk broke everything down.

Many photographs of Fira and Jozio had been taken before summer 1937. In this part we show their trip with Rysio, a student of medicine at the Poznan University, to the area of the closed Jewish Hospital at Waly Wazow Street 4/5 (today Wieniawskiego 17/19, where the center of Polish Academy of Sciences is located). Although you can’t see the whole building of the hospital in the pictures because of framing and trees, they are still unique photos.

Jozio Lustyk was a student of law at the Poznan University. However, he didn’t  finish his studies. In 1937 he moved to another university. Apart from the photos presenting the trip to the hospital we publish here some university documents of Lustyk, saved in AMU Archives. Among them, there is a handwritten note dated 1934, signed by Fira Melamedzon and placed on the reverse of his application for admission in university.