21 – Adek Lewin, a good friend



Adek Lewin is probably the most warmly remembered friend of Fira. It is enough to look at him in the photos. He is a big, warm and cheerful man, who seems to be an optimist.

Fira was so afraid of losing his friendship that she used a trick to chill his advances, and she succeeded. She tells about it in the book.

There are many photographs of Adek in Fira’s albums. He is most often accompanied by Jozio Lustyk, his friend and roommate at Wielka Street 19/13. Fira, Adek and Jozio go together for walks, play around and take photos of one another.

Adek came from Kutno and studied chemistry at the Poznan University. He was probably planning to take over his parents’ chemist’s shop in the future. Yet he didn’t finish his studies. He gave them up after his fourth year, in 1938. Fira says it was because of the growing anti-Semitism. He came back home to help his mother and sister to run a shop. His father died when he studied. Did he try to finish his education at another university?We don’t know. His name can be found in Yad Vashem Archives, on the list of Jews murdered in the Holocaust. If you want to find information about him, write his name on the website http://db.yadvashem.org/names/search.html?language=en.

We complemented a set of photographs from Fira’s album with pictures of Adek’s roommates and selected university documents of Abram Lewin saved in AMU Archives.