20 – Four student friends



In 1936, during dancing evenings, Fira Melamedzon met and made friends with four students of the Poznan University. They were Adek Lewin from Kutno, Jozio Lustyk from near Bydgoszcz, Adek Engel from Lublin and Borio Szapiro from Bydgoszcz. They met with Fira and her friends at dancing parties, balls and they went together for walks in the downtown of Poznan, Szelag and along the Warta river. There are many pictures of these meetings in Fira’s albums. They were taken in 1936-38 and tell about different events and common trips. People in these photos are playing, making jokes, enjoying their youth. They are free and cheerful. Some of them are in love with Fira.

In this part and a few ones after we present those photographs that complement the pictures placed in the book. We add here some documents of Borio Szapiro, a student of agriculture at the Poznan University.