18 – Holidays in Orlowo



In the summer of 1934 Fira spent holidays with her father at the Baltic Sea. Maks Brandt, her boyfriend, accompanied her too. Also, they met there some friends from Poznan.

They lived in Orlowo, but took trips to Hel, Sopot and Wolne Miasto Gdansk (Free City of Danzig). The photographs from these holidays take a few pages of Fira’s albums. They are as small as postage stamps and of low quality as they are mostly taken by a child camera, which Fira bought for Jerzyk Dymant. Yet they preserved the atmosphere of the summer of young, entering adulthood people at the Baltic Sea, which is said to be rather cold then.

We complemented the series of these photographs, which you can also find in the book, with two pictures of Rachela Melamedzon, Fira’s mother, who went to her favourite health resorts several times a year.