Fira Melamedzon with Maks Brandt and Mira Lederowna, her Poznan friends, at the sea. Orlowo, summer 1934





Young Poznan people: Mira Lederowna, Mietek Guzik and Fira Melamedzon on a beach. Orlowo, summer 1934




Maks Brandt and Mietek Guzik, Poznan boys. Wejherowo, summer 1934





Fira and Mira, as they called them. Fira Melamedzon and Mira Lederowna, friends. The Leders lived above the Melamedzons’ shop at the Old Market Square 64 in Poznan. Gdynia, summer 1934




Fira Melamedzon at the harbour. Jastarnia, summer 1934






Fira Melamedzon. Jastarnia, summer 1934






Fira Melamedzon by the monument to Emperor Wilhelm I in front of Brama Wyzynna (the Highland Gate). Gdansk, summer1934





Fira Melamedzon with Tatulinski, in other words her father Abram Melamedzon. At the Baltic Sea, summer 1934





Maks Brandt on a beach. Orlowo, summer 1934





Abram Melamedzon, aka Tatulinski, in a kayak. Orlowo, summer 1934





Rachela Melamedzon, Fira’s mother, the one from the left, with her friend during winter holiday. Krynica Gorska, February 1933






Rachela Melamedzon, the first one from the right, during winter holiday in one of her favourite resorts. Krynica Gorska, February 1933