14 – In the downtown of Poznan



In September 1936, a H. Chmielnicki, a Jewish student of the Warsaw University, came to Poznan. He visited his friend Adek Engel from Lublin, a student of agriculture at the Poznan University. Fira, requested by her friend Engel, took Chmielnicki on a tour of the downtown of Poznan. She took her pinscher dog named Diana, which often accompanied her during strolls and can be seen in many pictures. Maks Brandt, Fira’s ex-boyfriend, came with them as he still hoped to get her favour back. They had their photos taken in front of the Town Hall and the Odwach (Guardhouse). They also were by the synagogue and on the Freedom Square. We don’t know anything more about this tour and Chmielnicki.