13 – The portraits of Fira I



Fira Melamedzon liked to have her photos taken. She often had her portraits taken in photography atelier. She got dressed in a well-considered manner. Her clothes in the photos distinguish themselves from those worn by other women. The tailors made her clothes according to fashion catalogue designs, which she changed and adjusted herself. The results were great. Her natural charm and grace attracted men. As she didn’t get involved in relationships as much as they did, she broke many admirer’s hearts. Such a young and charmful Fira can be seen in her album photos and in the portraits taken by professional photographers every few years. The first set of such photographs comes from 1933. Some of them are placed in the book, the others are shown here. Here is 18-year-old Fira.

The picture of young Fira Melamedzon, sitting sideways, was taken by some photographer in Kalisz. She spent two-week holidays there, at the Potalowscy family’s, who were the acquaintances of Rachela Melamedzon, Fira’s mother. The photo of two gymnasium pupils standing in the street was taken during that stay, and presents the Jews of Kalisz, friends of Mietek, a son of the Patalowscy.