12 – The Lewkowicz Family



Marek Lewkowicz had worked in Melamedzons’ shop for about ten years. He was the only Jewish shop assistant there. He came from Kalisz to Poznan in 1929. Ha had the wife named Maryla and the son Bernard, called a little Niutek. According to Fira Melamedzon, the Lewkowiczs were a very agreeable and loving family, which can be seen in the photographs that we publish here and in the book. Fira Melamedzon made friends with them. She was invited to their son’s birthday parties and family celebrations. All three of them didn’t survive the war.

A funny and moving story of employing Marek Lewkowicz has been described in the book,

and can also be found on our website. In order to read it, click Fira 1915 in main menu and go to „An extract from the book”.