Fira Melamedzon in their family men’s  garment shop. Poznan, 1933







Fira Melamedzon between two shop-assistants who worked in the Melamedzons’ shop at the Old Market Square 64. Poznan, 1933



Rachela Melamedzon in their shop. Poznan, 1933






From the left: Zygmunt Melamedzon, N.N. and Marian Sulkowicz, a Polish man. Brzeziny, 1936




Zygmunt Melamedzon. The 1930s





Fira Melamedzon at a window of their flat at Wroniecka 12.This is the only photo in this collection taken inside the Melamedzon’s flat. Poznan, 28 of March, 1934





Fira Melamedzon with her mother Rachela in Marcinkowskiego Avenue by the post office, November 1937






The note written by old Fira Melamedzon on the reverse  side of photography: “This is a wedding photo of our worker and my friend, Wala Styzynska. It shows the good atmosphere and relationships that my daddy, as a boss, built  at work “. Poznan, September 19371937