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The project Fira. The Jews of Poznan. A Story about Life containing the book and the website has been produced by:

Andrzej Niziolek, born in 1963, a former journalist publishing in national and local newspapers. He is the author and editor of books like “Stopped at a glimpse” (album, 2000), “I discover. About Stanislaw Mrowinski” (2006), “The Bible of Journalism” (edited by Andrzej Skworz and Andrzej Niziolek, 2010). He lives in Poznan.

Ksenia Kosakowska, born in 1978 in Jastrzebie Zdroj, a philosopher interested in Jewish culture, a Polish “granddaughter” of Fira Melemedzon-Salanska. She used to live and work in Israel. Presently, she lives in Poland.

Tomasz Adamski, the owner of “Exemplum”, publisher.

Tomasz Niziolek, born in 1974, a historian by background, a graphic designer and typesetter by profession. He works in the Poznan National Museum in the pre-press field.

“Exemplum” publisher, found in 1997, in Poznan. It specializes in scientific publications, but it also publishes albums, memories, biographies and popular science books. More information at:

Sonia Rammer, the art designer of the exhibition of photographs of Fira Melamedzon-Salanska in the Raczynskich Library.

Translated into English by Dorota Bulinska.